And the Juanderful Time Began

We all know the drill, it’s always like this- you wake up in the morning, rush your way to work, then you go to your office table, you beat the deadline while surviving the harsh corporate environment. Boooring!

Now the work day is over, it’s time to go back home. You’re on a train, in your car or on a bus thinking about your horrible boss and your upcoming midyear bonus, a holiday genie suddenly appear and grant you three wishes. What will you wish for?


As for me, my wish is to travel to a  juanderful place, meet juanderful people, and learn juanderful culture while I dive into the  juanderful flavors of the world.


I am sure that our wish list has something in common, we all want to explore.  The Juan Times will bring you to places and give you a taste of experience while you sit on that bus or squeeze yourself on a boogie after three failed attempts of ninja moves from platform nine and three quarters.


So pack up your imaginary bag as we dip into the world of fun, food and merriments, right now, right here at The Juan Times.

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