The Get-a Happy Life-Quick Scheme

After a gruesome week of commuting to work, beating the everyday traffic, you woke up and disembark on a plane in a world of different language and different culture away from your comfortable bed, and your busy life steered by your demanding career.

You are enjoying your weekend getaway on that beautiful picture of nature or on a jungle of high-rises in a metropolis exploring every nook and hawker center as you pamper yourself with a dose of “something new”.

Travelling to a new place makes you experience “experience”, if you know what I mean. Experiences are the wine of human life. A good experience vinified by age is the avatar of storytelling silver screen.

Investing in experience is putting time in a market of get a happy life quick scheme. Well, if the treacherous money making scheme which people keep on staking their luck into never work, having a break from your everyday routine life will provide instant profit that will never be a loss.

Diversifying your time discovering a new place puts you on a low risk type of investment that provides a higher ROI called the happy life. Seeing the juanderful world on its most candid moment makes you appreciate every second of your existence, baptizing you in a world of happiness and contentment.

And now you’re back in the corporate world. The “hashtag travel is life” is over except for one thing, you are now a renewed individual living a life away from negativity. …until you spill that coffee over your spreadsheet your boss expects you to submit as you resume work today. Well, good luck to you!

Keep posted for more. Have a juanderful day!

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